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SelfieI’m a wife, mother of two wonderful kids, and my day job can best be described as “bureaucrat”.  Cooking is my creative outlet.   But even that became tedious after a while.   I was so tired of reading recipes that either have a ton of ingredients, crazy expensive ingredients, odd kitchen tools, or long prep or cooking times.  Why does everything have to be so fussy?  We try to cook fairly low carb and having meals loaded with pasta or rice to make them “cheaper” won’t do either.

So, I looked at what people used to eat.  Once you get over the rather interesting uses for all parts of an animal, there are some very good recipes that would appeal to the modern palette.  Surprisingly, many of these recipes were naturally “low carb”.  There just wasn’t much processed food to fill out the recipes of yore.

Now, this blog doesn’t recreate old recipes cooking with fire or anything.  I’m resurrecting older recipes using all of the modern equipment of today.   I’m also making newer, but simple recipes as well.  As far as ingredients, most will be “normal”.  No white truffle oil here.  My family prioritizes our food budget.  We try to get pastured beef, dairy, chicken and pork.  Wild caught fish.  Non-GMOs.  Locally sourced and organic fruits and veggies, as much as possible.   We love the farmers and the farmers’ market!

All in all, I’m hoping to provide you with recipes that are fun to make, slightly different from the normal routine and a bit of history thrown in for fun!  I am hoping show the novice cook that these recipes aren’t particularly difficult.  For the more experienced cook, maybe you’ll see something new or slightly different.

The goal is to have fun and eat well!


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